How To Start With Poetry?

There are a lot of ways to write a poem, but not everyone is skilled enough for poetry. After all, you need to have a bit of talent. But, if you have a strong desire and you are willing to spend some time learning and perfecting your techniques, then one day you can become a poet. In a couple of steps, I am going to show you how you can start writing poems and don’t worry if you struggle with creation because it takes time for everything.

Capture a moment

Keep in mind that everything is based on feelings and if you want to write a poem, then you have to express your emotions. Whether you are feeling happiness, excitement, depression or anger, try to put all those emotions into the word. Sometimes it’s best if you work on separate lines and then later combine them into a poem. This is why it’s essential to capture a moment because feelings come in waves and you can’t feel sad or happy for days.

Steal a conversation

Many writers have a blockade, and it’s a natural thing, so you should feel bad because of that. When you experience writes blockade go outside and try to find your inspiration somewhere else. It can be a coffee shop, movies, park or even airport. Listen to other people and what they are saying. Take notes and work on your poem. In this case, you will hear things you’ll never say or think and this can be a significant game changer. You can get an insight into other people’s lives and listen to their struggles and problems.

Go to a writing club

If you are a beginner, then writing club can help you a lot. First of all, you will be working with professionals who can guide you through this process. Second, most writing clubs have a lot of members, and they can be a valuable source of information. Whenever you have some questions, you can ask them for advice, and in this way, you are perfecting your writing skills.

Work on your language

All poets have a sophisticated way of expressing themselves. If you haven’t reached that level, then you have to work on your style. Take some courses that can help you with world and rhymes. You don’t have to attend the actual school; you can always find some online courses.


May 1, 2018

Five Reasons To Be In A Poetry Group

Have ever wanted to become a poet and create beautiful content for a broader audience? Well, there is always a chance, you just have to take some time to learn new techniques and polish your language skills. After all, all poets have a sophisticated and metaphoric way of expressing their emotions. And to reach that stage, you need a bit of practice. That’s why we always recommend beginners to enroll in a poetry group. So, here are some reasons and its benefits why you should try a poetry group.


When you are at a beginning, you often don’t know how to evaluate your work and whether it’s good enough. In this way, poetry group can provide you some constructive criticism and help you speed up your progress. It is essential to mention all poetry groups have a positive framework, so they won’t make you feel miserable, even when something is bad. If you know where you are making a mistake, then you can improve faster, and there is no better way than getting the opinion from experts.


Many new poets and writers are struggling with the motivation. But, your group members can be a valuable source of information. You can participate in writing assignments and prompts. Also, friendly competitions can motivate your further and inspire you to become a better writer. You can always talk to your mentor and ask him for help.


Education is an essential part of this process. Even though many people rely on talent, that’s not the only thing you should focus on. In fact, you can learn a lot from other poets, for example, their writing style, what they write about and metaphors and language they use. If you have such person in your group, don’t be afraid to ask some additional questions. All members are there to support each other and progress faster.

Publication and promotion

Even if you create excellent work, that doesn’t mean you will be noticed, and someone will be willing to publish your work. There are thousands of people out there in the similar position, but, if you are in a poetry group, then you can make some significant contact, and your group members can help you promote and publish your writing. You can organize monthly reading sessions and invite locals and regional poets to attend your reading series.


Three Ways Poetry Can Help You With Addiction Recovery

You must be wondering what so strong about poetry that can beat the addiction? Millions of people around the world are struggling with this disease, and some never managed to overcome it. The pull is just strong, and many of us aren’t strong enough to resist it. This is why we turn to doctors, rehab center, and therapist. But, did you know that art can heal your soul and body? As part of the art, poetry is also essential, and we are going to show you how you can recover.

Find your voice with poetry

Many recovering addicts are afraid to express their emotions and feelings. They are scared of being misunderstood, over even blamed for the actions they committed. But, if you want to start your way towards the recovery, then you need to start talking about your problems. Addicts sometimes abuse a substance to find their voice and to be understood again because those are the moments when they only feel brave. If you have troubles connecting to other people, then start writing down your emotions. You don’t have to share your work to be accepted, let this be your w

ay of building strength and confidence.

Poetry is therapeutic

The pain and struggle associated with an addition can be challenging to put into words. Art therapy is a technique that puts a person through the use of creative ideas including painting, drawing, writing, sculpting and other forms. If you have ever been to rehab, then you know what we are talking about. Even though poetry relies on the use of language, it is a form of art, and it can direct you towards the recovery. In this way, you will be expressing the emotions that have been buried deep inside you.

Poetry can help others

Poetry therapy is a well-established treatment used in many rehab centers and organizations. They can vary and contain the range of activities, including reading and responding to the chosen poem. You don’t always have to engage in the writing process; you can enjoy poetry in other ways. Overall, this entire process is directed towards the patient’s recovery, and if you are struggling with the substance abuse, then we are sure poetry therapy can help you. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts because that’s the only way to heal and to keep fighting.

If you need help with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s essential that you seek treatment by contacting a facility like The Recovery Village.