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September 6, 2018

Five Reasons Instagram is Great for Poets

Although the writing of poetry has never been a big money maker in the publishing world, that might all change with the advent of Instagram. With many poets earning high-profile deals with agencies and stunning publishing deals based on the poetry they’ve published via their Instagram accounts, the website is now a first-rank destination for aspiring writers. Here are just a few of the top reasons that Instagram is great for poets.

Its Layout Makes Reading Poems Easy
Unlike Facebook and other social media sites where users are deluged with information, Instagram opts to keep its layout simple and pragmatic. By placing uploaded photographs against an uncomplicated white background, readers get to spend undisturbed time with a poem rather than fight off distractions like targeted advertisements. For many users, that makes the site extremely beneficial.

Its Tagging System Connects Poets to Readers
The tagging system on Instagram is so easy to use that a few hashtagged words will instantly connect a post to a potential audience of millions. It also ensures that new readers can find an emerging poet without wading through hundreds of irrelevant pages. Using hashtags such as #poetsofinstagram to connect to readers is a great way to ensure that a poem gets in the hands of dedicated poetry connoisseurs.

Poets Have a Track Record of Success with the Platform
Ask any publishing house about their model for success in 2018 and they will invariably provide the name of one poet: Rupi Kaur. A young writer with a big career, Kaur’s track record with winning over fans came to several high points in recent years after her dedicated Instagram following created a massive buzz in the publishing industry and among the general reading public. Laid out like the Instagram posts on which they’re based, two highly successful poetry collections catapulted her to further fame. And because the “framed picture” quality of Instagram posts inspired Kaur to include simple but effective illustrations with her poems, she is truly an example of the way in which poets new and old can use technology to deliver their message.

The Website’s Design Keeps Fans Updated
Unlike conventional blogs that depend on unique visitors to get views, Instagram has a built-in following ready for poets to communicate with. That means that when a post is made, any of a poet’s followers will instantly be able to see a new poem on the spot. For many poets, that is a means for instant feedback and workshopping that other publishing avenues just can’t offer!

It Keeps Poets on Their Toes
With an extensive user base, many of whom are poets, Instagram keeps writers on their toes by upping the ante on friendly competition. While poetry writing used to be a highly individualized pursuit, with little information to be gathered on who else was submitting to journals or publishers, the field is now much more like a huge clubhouse, and opportunities abound for poets to share or seek advice on how to get that new poem or collection exactly right.

With its cool layout and accessibility, Instagram is surely changing the game when it comes to publishing poetry. Fortunately, many writers are using the site as a great opportunity to up the ante on their versifying skills, leading many publishing industry insiders to declare that Instagram might be the hottest literary platform of 2019 and beyond.

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